Eli5 how is size percentage measured?


For example, the playstation classic is 45% smaller than the playstation 1 ( the original). Does that mean that the volume is 45% smaller?

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It’s ambiguous, for something like the PlayStation example it probably refers to volume, but sometimes people say that when referring to diameter or radius

Generally it’s most correct to treat ‘size’ as referring to volume when you’re talking about three-dimensional objects, but it will vary according to context. Someone discussing copper wire, might treat “size” and “gauge” interchangeably, as if length is just its own unrelated dimension. If it’s important, they should specify which measure they’re talking about, and if they don’t, you should ask them to clarify.

The wiki page describes it as below so it is in width and length

>The console weighs about 170 grams (0.37 lb) and is about 149 mm × 33 mm × 105 mm (5.9 in × 1.3 in × 4.1 in) in size, approximately 80% smaller in volume than the original PlayStation and 45% smaller in width and length.

In general it is the measurement that the marketing department likes to use. As long as you in fine print define it.