Eli5 how much is needed to sustain a concussion?


I’ve heard 80-90Gs being thrown around but what of the people who seem to suffer concussion from far far less than this fairly high number?

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Many factors come into play. Where on the head the hit occurs, what lies opposite that spot (a wave ripples through the brain causing it to smash into the skull on the opposite side producing damage there.) How developed is the skull (baby skulls are soft). Is there prior history of damage.

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I have seen people hit their head thru a wall without sustaining a concussion and its not even that rare to take lots of force on your head and not get damaged. The most danger lies in unnatural fast movements like when a boxer gets a punch to the chin at like 30kp/h and in his skull his brain bounces around hes gonna feel the typical symptoms of dizziness, unresponsive pupils etc.

Tldr: to sustain a concussion you would need to rapidly shake your head at speeds not achievable without outside influence