eli5 if I created a BBQ sauce and used a copacker, could they just steal my recipe


I had a bbQ recipe I wanted to monetize. If I got too big and used a copacker, what is actually stopping them from recreating my recipe? Their lack of marketing? Make more money as a copacker? Fear of being sued? I just dont get the basics I guess.

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When you go to sell a product like this you copyright the recipe. That is exact ingredient portions, assembly/cooking method, etc. They cannot legally copy your recipe exactly but can use the same ingredients but in different amounts or adding new ingredients and make a similar product.

Pretty much nothing save for any caveats in any contracts you sign. Recipes aren’t patentable. What is patentable is any novel process you invented to produce the sauce. The other company just has to suddenly decide to drop their current contract packing business plan and decide to compete with you. Possible but it’s not a very good risk/reward proposition.

When you sign a contract for them to make your product and pack it, there would be stipulations your ownership of the recipe and damages for stealing or disclosing it. These types of clauses would be fairly standard in such contracts.

Manufacturing is based on trust and contracts.

Before you agree to work together with a manufacturing plant, there will be legal agreements and lots of documentation – so for them to copy a recipe and make it themselves will almost certainly break many clauses in the contract, and leave them open to legal repercussions.