Eli5: If the rainforest of Borneo is 130 million years old, why aren’t any surviving dinosaur species found there?


If old rainforest ecosystems like these could withstand extinction events (ie. Asteroid impact), wouldnt the fauna living there survive too?

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Species don’t stay the same. They evolve and change over time.

That means that although there has been rainforest in Borneo for 130 million years, the plants and animals which make it up have changed over that time.

Some dinosaurs _have_ stayed around, and [evolved into birds](https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/why-are-birds-the-only-surviving-dinosaurs.html#:~:text=Birds%20evolved%20from%20a%20group,about%20150%20million%20years%20old.).

No. Flora is much more resilient than fauna, that’s why plants were on land before the animals followed them. Fauna are very sensitive to changes in environment, and a 10 km asteroid impact is definitely enough to kill any megafauna anywhere on Earth, and it did.

>why aren’t any surviving dinosaur species found there?

There are.

There are a wide variety of therapod dinosaurs extant today. We call them birds.

The trees all died during the KT extinction events.

They might mean that there was a forest before and after this event for 130 million years, but there were definitely some years after the impact where there were no living trees there.

The oldest tree colony is 14,000 years and the oldest tree is about 5000 years. There are no living beings from 130 million years old, just fossils.

Some dinosaurs (birds) survived the extinction events. Though they were already birds (they evolved into bird tens of millions of years before the impact). They survived because they were small and could live on animal and dead matter.

Plants mostly survived as seed or roots. All trees on Earth died. They survived only as seed (which aren’t living trees).

Technically, there are surviving dinosaur species: the birds. In some ways, this is actually a bigger mystery. The question isn’t just “why did the dinosaurs die?” anymore; you also have to ask “but then why didn’t the birds die?”