eli5 If we have the technology to get targeted ads based on what you do. why can’t we have top reviews be people who have similar tastes to you as well ?


I mean wouldnt you be more likely to buy something if the top 5 reviews were people who think and consume media similar to you

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It already exists, and it’s not a hard to implement programmatically.

What regulations and general data protection laws say, i have no idea.

Simply put, money.

We definitely have the ability to do it, but it would cost money to develop, implement, and maintain.

Combine the cost with the small impact it would have on attracting new customers to the platform and the potential to actually lose sales on some product categories all together, it leaves little incentive for companies to do it.

Your best bet is to find reviewers who share your interests on your on and off the sales platform all together. Youtube is a great resource for this, and now that I’m thinking about it, there’s probably a subreddit for product reviews too.