eli5: IP logging vs tracking


With this stuff going on with Netflix I am hearing a lot about the Canadian law against IP logging. What is the difference? Does this make what Netflix is doing technically illegal?

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Whenever you connect to a service on the internet, that service sees your IP address. This is an unavoidable part of how the internet works.

This is not the same as them _logging_ your IP address, which would require that the service see the IP address and store it.

It’s worth noting that almost every website on the planet, unless they have been explicitly designed not to (and this is not trivial to remove completely, with how complex some tech stacks are), log your IP address. All off the shelf web server software does this by default. Even if Netflix themselves designed their system not to, the third party services they use do.

I’m not sure about the Canadian law; but if it’s a full ban on logging IP addresses, then I’d argue the person who wrote it doesn’t really know what an IP address is.