Eli5: Is bullying part of human nature or a product of modern times?


If neither please explain.

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You can see similar behavior in other animals that compete for mates so I wouldn’t say it’s a modern thing at all.

Similarly we see greater allegiance towards those with genetic similarity to benefit the succession of the line. Whether it’s family, tribe, village, city, state, country, etc. It’s been that way for all of recorded history and unpleasantness for outsiders.

Some ducks in the local park had a bunch of babies and now that the babies are grown they seem to have formed a gang and bully all the other birds so they leave the area.

Unfortunately it seems to be biological.

It seems pretty natural, but a bad environment where the adults are apathetic and powerless would probably exacerbate it.

It is human (and animal) nature, but I think modern society and technology is exacerbating it for sure.