ELI5, is reviving your car bad?


Preface: I know nothing about cars, like nothing at all. In car movies they always rev their cars to be cool, but I’ve heard people irl say it’s bad to do. Is it? If so, why? Explain simply please because I don’t know enough about car mechanics to understand otherwise; I don’t know car terms either.

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Meh it’s not bad. To a degree.

If you keep revving on the limiter for long enough the engine will most likely break and come to a very, very sudden stop. But just the occasional rev isn’t going to harm it.

Revving your car when the engine is cold is not good because the oil isn’t warmed up enough to lubricate all parts sufficiently.

when revving the car for a prolonged time during still stand your engine won’t be cooled enough because there isn’t enough airflow, so your engine can overheat, which is also bad.

High revs when the engine is coild and oil has not had a chance to circulate well is not a good thing. It will cause premature wear to the engine.

When warm it won’t really do any damage or cause problems, however its somewhat unecessary.

Have you ever run downhill as a child, and at some point your legs can’t keep up and you fall face first? That’s what your engine mechanism are doing at the rev limiter.

It may not break it all but for sure doesn’t help to make it live long. Each engine has its own limits and it may be more or less catastrophic.

The more sporty is the engine the more care you have to use, eg: sport motorbike engine may explode when revved for minutes.

Last note, as others say, it is a lot worse if the engine is cold.

When cold, yes because the engine is not lubricated properly, but when warm it’s fine to give it some revs just don’t sit at redline for 3 minutes.