ELi5: Japan and immigration being good for multiculturalism.



How can Japan become stronger in regards to multiculturalism with more immigration? I can only see the negatives with a homogenous society with a large presence of xenophobia in its history. Looking at groups like the Zainichi or ‘Hafu’, how have they shown that they’ve made multiculturalism stronger when they continuously been treated horribly?

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Why should everywhere be multicultural? Let them keep their lands and their culture. They’re open to us visiting and trading, why should anybody want more than that?

Our demographics are becoming top heavy and we need more young people to come in and be productive to support the old people seeing as the natives aren’t having many children of their own.

It’s going to happen sooner or later. Better Japan gets used to it sooner and have gradual integration rather than sudden shocks when shit really hits the fan and we need to suddenly import foreigners by the boatload.

Japan doesn’t care about other cultures. It’s just concerned about the practical economic effects of a weakening workforce and trying to balance that concern with a population that is largely xenophobic and resistant to immigration.

The only way Japan will become “stronger” in its multiculturalism is with time, education, and experience.