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I’ve spent an hour this morning looking for an answer and I’m not sure if it’s just common knowledge that everyone understands, but I don’t know much about magnets. Why can you only place so many magnetic tiles together before they stop sticking properly?

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You mean in a stack? I have never run into this.

End to end? Might it have to do with polarity? Like, you need to “match” the tiles to their opposites and at a certain point you’re out of one kind or another?

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It depends on if you have the cheap ones or the expensive ones.

The cheap ones tend to have magnets that are in one place but allowed to rotate to align with another magnet. This works when you’re adding one to one, or even one to a joint with another two.

But when you’re trying to add a pair to another pair, neither is strong enough to force the other pair to align, so you end up with a weak connection.

The more expensive ones tend to have more robust magnets in them, even magnet pairs rather than a signal magnet, and they can align more easily.

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Because the magnets sit loose in their slots. When you put two tiles together the magnets pull to one side of the slot. When you put a tile on the other side the magnet is sitting further away and thus not pulling as strongly.