Eli5: Move rock or other.


That one meme that if you move a object it would cause changes in The Timeline. Seen this plenty of times.

Can that actually happen?

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There’s really no way to tell. If I went back in time and moved my desk chair by a couple of feet, when ‘past me’ came back, he wouldn’t even think much of it. He’d move the chair back to it’s original position and continue to do whatever he was going to do had the chair never been touched.

On the other hand, if I traveled to a baseball game and shifted the position of the bases right as the pitcher was about to throw, it might affect enough to get an out, which could potentially change the result of the game, the tournament, the players’ careers, etcetera. But again, there is also the possibility that not much happens, say because the next batter compensates for the change.

If I moved my apple a couple of feet, past me wouldn’t notice. If you moved JFK’s car so that the bullet missed, a lot would change.

Basically, the effect depends on the magnitude of the change, what significance the event you’re changing had on history, and a *lot* of other factors. But most likely, simply moving a chair won’t have much of an impact on history at all, and it just makes for a good(?) meme.