Eli5 not getting pregnant while on inactive week of birth control


How are we protected during the inactive week of our BC pills. I get my period during the inactive week of pills and so i understand that much, but wb those who dont get their period during their inactive week and just how we stay protected during that wk in general. :3

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If you aren’t getting a period, you are not fertilizing eggs so you cannot get pregnant anyway.

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There are only a few days a month that a person can get pregnant. The egg needs to be fertilized shortly after ovulation, and after 12 to 24 hours or so, it gets too old and starts to deteriorate. Right then is when sperm needs to in the right place for fertilization. So no one is getting pregnant two weeks after ovulation, because the egg is all the way deteriorated, unless they have ovulated again and are having 2 week cycles. Taking that week off the BC doesn’t matter, because BC stops a person from ovulating in the first place, so there is nothing to fertilize, and even a person not on BC is not getting pregnant at that time either.