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ELI5. How are the solid legs for oil platforms built? those legs go down a thousanf feet or more down to the ocean floor if it’s not a floating platform, so how do they lay those giant legs? Submarines? Cranes?

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The solid legs for oil platforms are built using a process called jacket piling. This involves driving large steel piles into the ocean floor to provide a strong foundation for the platform. The piles are driven into the ocean floor by powerful hydraulic hammers, which are mounted on large barges or cranes. The piles are then welded together to form a strong support structure for the platform.

They basically set up a lay down yard for legs on the seafloor and build them from the piling up. Usually people with deep sea diving suits drop down. Occasionally an ROV does some of the work. They use ling line cranes on the surface to pick them up and move them into place and underwater workers weld and bolt them together

The legs for oil platforms are built using a process called “jacking”. Jacking involves using hydraulic jacks to lift the platform up, then slowly lowering it onto the ocean floor while simultaneously driving the legs into the seabed. This process is done in stages and can take days or weeks to complete. Once the legs are in place, the platform is secured to the seabed with cables and anchors.

It can depend on the type of platform. Jacket piling has already been covered, let me tell you of another:

The [Troll A gas platform](https://preview.redd.it/8ggall830i351.jpg?auto=webp&s=60e364caaae7c6d558c4fe81b4b8ea2fa435b168) was built on land (the vacuum anchors, legs, and I believe chord shortener (the boxy thing between the legs partway up – it damps out any wave resonances with the legs) being continuous-pour reinforced concrete), and then [towed out to the site.](https://datis-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Troll-A-Platform-Datis-Export-Group-Article-June-9-01-870×1024.jpg) [Very, very slowly and carefully.](https://lh3.ggpht.com/-3qwJaiG_vOQ/UT9IotaFejI/AAAAAAAAmJA/Qs-8ps609YA/troll-platform-12.jpg?imgmax=800)

All 1,549 ft (472 m) of it.