Eli5: Please explain to me what is unhealthy about drinking diet soda



I currently drink 3 or so cans a day of diet soda. I have heard it was bad for you but never saw a good explanation of why. What does it do to your body? What are the long term effects?

In: Biology

Answer : The chemical alternatives to sugar (engineered to trick your taste buds but provide fewer calories) are carcinogens in high quantity. You die of cancer, not diabetes.

Well, all of them use artificial sweeteners, it used to be saccharine, but now it’s other things like aspartame and sucralose.
Testing was done on these artificial sweeteners, but obviously, if something has been around for ten years, you don’t know how it will affect someone over a twenty or thirty year span. You can try and predict it using rats and feeding them tons of it, but that may or may not be the same as what happens in a human over a long span of time. Saccharine eventually was found to cause cancer in rats, but the scientific community has bounced back and forth on whether that means it will cause cancer in humans. Some say yes, some say no, and some say “probably no, but let’s not take a chance and treat it like it would, just to be safe”
So that’s the main issue… we just don’t know what the long term effects are.