ELi5 – Restricted Stock Units


My company provided me X amount of equity with the option to receive cash payouts and RSUs. I’ve been receiving cash payouts monthly as the stocks vest, but now I’m leaving the company and am not sure what I need to do regarding the RSUs. Do I own stocks or do I need to purchase these still? Should I hold on to them or sell? Please ELi5! Thanks!

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I don’t know for sure but I believe that anything that has not vested yet (so hasn’t become fully yours or hasn’t become cash) you will lose.

Which is kind of the point of RSUs, say a company will give you 1000 stock, giving 50 every month, they want to do that to entice you to stay long term and not leave. So if you leave after 10 months you’ll only get 500 of the 1000, losing the rest.

Again, I don’t know that for sure, but that is my understanding of it.

Maybe check out r/personalfinance and see what the people over there have to say

Rsu comes with a vesting plan. Any RSU which is not vested is not yours to keep. If you read your offer letter, it would have a section explaining on how your RSU vests.

If you leave, you don’t get anything which is not already vested. The cash payout that you have mentioned is basically your RSU being sold on vesting date minus taxes.