Eli5 Significance of the Hijab and other head coverings?


I have been trying to research why some Muslim women wear hijabs or other forms of coverings and why some don’t. I know it’s a personal decision but I’m really confused about the importance. Also I’ve been wondering a lot more especially with the riots and the awful awful things the Iranian government is doing to the women and men who stand up against them. Also if a Muslim woman or man could answer that would be appreciated I would also like to know it from a personal approach

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There isn’t an importance it’s just tradition.

Like most traditions people have forgot the original why and continue it because they pressured into thinking it’s what they ought to do. To be blunt? these coverings all evolved from local environmental and material conditions and make zero sense outside of these conditions but the participants are caught up in the bullshit of oughts.

The burka for example was originally a protection against the hot sun and blowing sand it was protective clothing. Men wore a similar garment but then it became a religious thing “to preserve modesty” which is complete a retroconning to be blunt. Outside of its original purpose it’s plain silly to see one. Every culture does it and it’s just as silly conditions change that’s a fact of life.

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If you are referring to the head scarves, for a muslim woman it’s compulsory as it is written in the Qur’an for a veil to be covering the hair/chest area. The niqab/burka is not compulsory and is more cultural.

The importance of it is that it is a measure of modesty. Hijab in essence is required by both men and woman. Its the act of being modest both in behaviour and physically.

Also the proper word for headscarf is kimar.