eli5 spaghettification


i need to find a way to explain this to my friend and i cant think of a simple way. give me some ideas as to how.

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Happens when the pull of gravity at your feet is way more than at your head ( assuming falling feet first ). That happens on earth, but the difference between your feet and head is very small. If the difference is great enough it will rip you apart.

You ever been to a taffy shop and watched them make it? It’s kinda like that. Spaghettification is what happens say, in a black hole, when the gravity at one end of your body is so much more intense than on the other end that you’re stretched thin.

For a visual example, you could picture putting four objects arrayed in a giant square in orbit around a star, connected by string, with one corner pointed down. What will happen is the lowest object will get pulled down with more force than the ones above, as it’s closer to the center of mass, turning your square into a diamond.

Same principle as in a black hole, only because the gravity is so strong it happens in the distance of a human body.

Gravity gets stronger the closer you are to the source.

If you fall into a black hole, the gravity is stronger by your feet than your head.

Your feet get yanked down into the hole harder than your head. That makes you stretch out like spaghetti.

Gravity is acceleration. What else accelerates? Rockets! Take an unfortunate person, right? Attach a bottle rocket to his hands that points down. Now attach a jet engine to his waist pointing down. Now attach a rope connected to an artillery cannon shell to his feet (going down). Even if you’re in space, not moving at the beginning, and each acceleration is toward the same direction (down), the different accelerations will act on your body differently. After a few seconds of picking up speed, your hands would only be going 20m/s down while your feet are going 100m/s, and that causes you to stretch. And blackholes don’t just give you 3 different kinds of acceleration, it gets way higher even if you’re 5 feet closer to the blackhole. So there’s no place to get torn apart because anywhere you would get torn would instead be accelerating the same speed as the neighboring matter.