Eli5 the difference between GABAA Vs GABAB receptors.


What is the difference between GABAA vs GABAB and what are their functions? Can some examples of substances be listed for each receptor?

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You should start with the Wikipedia articles for both. They’re basically totally different; the only thing they have in common is that their main ligand is GABA.

GABAA receptors are ion channels made from five proteins (usually two alpha, two beta, and one gamma) arranged around a central pore that opens and closes, allowing Cl- ions to flow into the neuron. GABAB are G-protein coupled receptors made from two proteins… I don’t remember if it’s two copies of the same protein or two different proteins.

Due to the difference in structure, GABAB receptors don’t respond to the allosteric modulators that GABAA receptors do, including alcohol, neurosteroids, barbiturates, benzos, etc.

GABAA receptors are mostly found in synapses, but sometimes outside. IIRC, GABAB receptors only occur outside of synapses.

Off the top of my head, those are the most important differences. But you should really read at least the Wikipedia articles.