eli5 The science of Tires


Why do people want low profile tires? Isn’t it just less air to cushion the ride?

Does diameter make a difference?

Why do some cost more than others? Is all rubber not equal?

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Low profile tires allow you to maintain original tire circumference, but with larger diameter rims. Larger diameter rims means you can use bigger brake rotors.

But doesn’t that mean that there’s less tire to cushion uneven ground ?

Low profile tires are more rigid, what provides better stability and cornering performance, to the detriment of comfort.

Generally speaking, common size of tires are cheaper, it’s linked to the volume of production.

All rubber is not the same. Some is softer, which grips the road better, at the expense of faster wear. Other tires may be made out of rubber that stays soft and grippy even when the weather is cold. Still others are engineered to tolerate getting very hot.