Eli5 The Tails live system.


The last post I could find on this is from 8 years ago, and I’m sure a lot has changed since then.

Can someone explain exactly what this is and exactly what it does: insofar as an operating system, as a Tor network, how it utilizes hardware and software, etc?

Edit: is it better or worse to use from a Mac or Windows PC?

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Tails is essentially a Debian Linux spin aimed at user privacy. Hardware is supported exactly the same as any other Debian distro. Where tails differed is the way it handles software and networks. Tails runs through the tor network and unlike most privacy distros it not only uses tor browser but all network activity uses the tor network.

The Amnesic Incognito Live System is written for those who can’t afford to have any history on their system of internet activity. You could be a whistleblower in <*oppresive nation*>, or you could be a drug dealer or people trafficker.

So you can use your regular PC setup to browse Reddit, and there will be logs on your PC which the authorities can read if they seize it. There are logs at your ISP of when you contacted [www.reddit.com](https://www.reddit.com).

TAILS has no logs on any connection since it uses the Tor network, a system which goes though several routers, obscuring itself as it goes. There are no logs on your PC because it doesn’t install to your PC, and there are no logs on the USB stick because this is read-only.