eli5: tool’s “mathematically perfect” music and etc…


alright so this is gonna come off real spacey, but i’m driving from nc to south fla and currently listening to 10,000 days. i have a vague memory from college of this weird kid i knew explaining all the perfections of tools music and other esoteric shit related to the band.. can someone elaborate pls?

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Well it’s not “mathematically perfect”, that would mean it’s optimal in some kind of measurable way.

Tool just hide a bunch of mathematically signigicant concepts in their music, the most well known one being the Fibonacci sequence in the number of syllables in Lateralus

Black 1

then 1

white are 2

all I see 3

in my infancy 5

Red and yellow then came to be 8

Their rythms also follow pretty complicated mathematical patterns

They also reference a bunch of religious, spiritual and esoteric concepts in various songs, having many layers of meaning hidden to discover when you think about them. They make music to ponder and interpret, wich goes back to their name: they want to be a tool in your self-realization

*Lateralus* is the album that’s generally held up as “mathematically perfect,” as the entire structure of the album is built around the Fibonacci sequence, which itself is tied to the Golden Ratio. The album itself is also popularized because it’s essentially “babby’s first progressive metal album” for a lot of millennials.

The supposed perfection isn’t anything to write home about, though. The Golden Ratio has some interesting properties within geometry, but the significance of the number is hilariously overhyped by new-age cultists.

In short; *Lateralus* isn’t good because of the Fibonacci sequence references, it’s good because Tool (particularly in that era) was really good.