Eli5 what are squatted trucks and why people are getting arrested for them


Eli5 what are squatted trucks and why people are getting arrested for them

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A squatted truck is one that has the front end lifted, but not the back. They may not be lawful to drive, in some areas, but I’ve never actually heard of someone being arrested just for driving one.

Rear suspension dropped low as possible and front raised high as possible. Most states have a law stating your front bumper can’t be too high. Safety, if a squatted truck rear ended you it may travel up and over into the rear passengers.

A squatted truck is one where the front end has been raised and the rear lowered to give a distinctive squatted stance, like an animal ready to pounce forwards.

The rules will vary wildly depending on where you are, but typically the concept isn’t illegal itself. What it will do is cause other issues which can be seen as problematic such as impacting the visibility of the driver, causing handling issues, and creating a safety hazard from having the bumper raised and angled (making it more likely to injure a pedestrian and cause more dangerous damage to other vehicles).
Some states have responded by considering legislation to counteract this trend – such as limiting the getting difference between the sales of a vehicle or similar.

In general though, it is worth remembering the traditionally combative relationship between automobile enthusiasts and the police – stemming from issues like illegal street racing, dangerous driving, noise complaints and other issues coming from large, unlicensed meets. So often police will be looking for any measure of control over these situations and methods to stop drivers they perceive as unwanted (justified or not).

obviously this is done because it’s “cool” why do they think it’s cool?

I live in a beach town and it’s spring break right now. I sat and ate dinner last night watching these idiots drive by, one after the other. They all look exactly the same – both the trucks and the people driving them. Here’s Aiden with his trucker hat, long hair, and his Columbia shirt driving a squatted Silverado. Up next we have Brayden, also in a trucker hat, Columbia shirt driving a squatted Silverado. Next up is Kyler. He’s a little different. He’s wearing a trucker hat, long hair, *Costa* shirt, and he’s driving a squatted F150! Way to be different, Kyler. Fucking muppets.