Eli5…What determines a dandelion’s size?


Why are some dandelions “normal size” and others are so tall and giant? Even in my un-mowed garden (not the yard), there are some big ones and some small ones. I don’t understand 🤷🏻‍♀️

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One reason some dandelions are tall and giant is because they have more space to grow. If they’re in a garden where they don’t get mowed or cut, they have more room to spread their roots and grow bigger. Just like how people need enough space to stretch and grow, dandelions need space too!

Another reason is sunlight. Sunlight is like food for plants. If a dandelion gets more sunlight, it can grow bigger and taller. So if there’s a spot in your garden where the sun shines more, the dandelions there might be bigger.

Also, some dandelions might be older than others. Just like people, plants get older too. The older a dandelion is, the more time it has had to grow and become bigger.