Eli5: what do the kids mean when they say skibidi toilet? Let’s get skibidi?? Skibidi toilet rizz???

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Around them a lot for my job, I want to understand what they’re getting at lol.

I tried to watch a skibidi toilet video and I was just lost. Kids these days seem very postmodern haha

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Rizz is the only meaningful word, meaning charisma, but they usually just use it as nonsense. Skibidi and skibidi toilet are just meaninglessly referencing the videos. Yes, postmodern is one way to put it. They just think it’s funny to say those things and they have no real meaning.

Source- My middle school students have begun calling me Mr. Rizz.

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It’s just “badger badger badger mushroom mushroom” for a younger generation. Nonsense that got stuck in their heads at an early age and entertains them.

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Humor from absurdity. We’ve all laughed or been humoured by something that was just, random. Like that video of bread falling over. It shouldn’t be funny but it is to some people. It’s just a memeable thing, like planking, bottle flipping or screaming hoya used to be.

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Rizz is charisma. Skibidi is a person that is bad or evil. Most kids are just repeating nonsense, though.

Source: I have three kids that talk in this nonsense

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The “skibidi” part of Skibidi Toilet has a really funny history.

It started out as [Bloody Mary](https://youtu.be/VFwmKL5OL-Q?si=Gqhgbnunmb4L1eJA) by Lady Gaga. Listen to 00:32 in particular.

Then TikTok users started sharing a [sped-up (cough nightcore cough) version](https://youtu.be/MsXdUtlDVhk?si=Tq0z9GDSZRsXV3R-) that got pretty popular.

It then went viral with user “ThatOneGuyOfficial” dancing to a clip of a [Phonk remix of the sped-up song](https://youtube.com/shorts/Sdk_Y8Bbh_0?si=L701j2ep7QPK7TTQ) that became mis-interpreted as the “Skibidi Bop”

Edit: thanks to u/[Strayl1ght](https://www.reddit.com/user/Strayl1ght/) and u/[ProfitNo1844](https://www.reddit.com/user/ProfitNo1844/) for additional info:
The phonk song from “ThatOneGuyOffical”‘s video remixed Bloody Mary with the Bulgarian song [Biser King – Dom Dom Yes Yes](https://youtu.be/BxFhFwQNQKM?si=mXRVN8Sd772A1PIZ&t=67), which was popularized by the Turkish influencer [Yasin Cengiz](https://www.tiktok.com/@yasincengiz38/video/7287131000843390214?lang=en).

Then user “DaFuqBoom” made an [animated short using Half-Life 2 assets](https://youtube.com/shorts/tzD9OxAHtzU?si=ctwisuxAOG3-_Vwo) featuring a further remixed clip of the song and a singing head coming out of a toilet and thus “Skibidi Toilet” was born.

“DaFuqBoom” capitalized on their success and currently has 71 episodes of “Skibidi Toilet” that features a continuous storyline and gets anywhere between 15-30 million views per video.

“Skibidi” and “Skibidi Toilet” have since gone on to be added to the Gen-Alpha internet sub-culture as slang terms for “bad”, “creepy”, or “evil”(sometimes in a good way, think of the term “bad” from the 80’s meaning “cool and rebellious”) referring to the singing toilet head monsters being portrayed as villains in “DaFuqBoom”’s videos, but in the post-modern (post-irony, neo-dada, etc.) fashion it’s also usually meaningless.

Basically the modern language equivalent of this: [https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_(Duchamp)](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fountain_(Duchamp))

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Kids were raised by tablets and phones. Their brains are a connection of loosely associated memes. It’s very Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

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My kids (6 yo and 9 yo) absolutely love it, especially my 6 yo. To them it’s just an absurd form of toilet humor. This is similar to how kids like to make poo and pee jokes at toddler age: they know you’re not supposed to talk about that, so jokes about that subject become irresistible. It’s a way of exploring boundaries.

u/Lowfat_cheese did a great explanation of the history of this meme, but my kids are not aware of that.

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I’m 37 and it’s the same stupid bullshit we used to do as kids. They’re no different than we were, they just aren’t consuming the same media we did for obvious reasons.

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My 15yr old daughter was showing me some documentaries yesterday. She had to sit with me and explain the terms but after 20 mins my head was going to explode! It’s like a different language!