eli5: what do your thyroids actually do?


a few months ago i was diagnosed with sub clinical hypothyroidism – I’ve tried researching about it but everything I’ve read gets really technical real fast. i don’t get how such a variety of things in your body are affected either by thyroid issues (i.e. cold sensitivity, fatigue, weight, etc)

thanks in advance for anyone who can break this down for me 🙂

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The thyroid gland releases a hormone called Thyroxine.

Hormones usually do various jobs around your body, but Thyroxines main job is energy management.

It partners with Insulin to stabilize your sugar levels, in simple terms Insulin stores sugar away when there is too much, and Thyroxine counters that effect to make sure there is always enough sugar available to stay alive and awake.

That means if you have too much you get hyperactive and thin because your body burns more energy than necessary, and when you have too little then you get tired and gain weight because your body stores most energy instead of using it.