Eli5 What does an “acidic stomach” mean?


I had a friend that had that, apparently she cant drink coffee.I’ve heard that phrase before but I wasn’t genuinely curious until she mentioned medicine.I thought its just like lactose intolerance or a food allergy.
I will also do my research in the meantime.
Also if anyone is also kind enough that can also share what food to avoid.

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Stomach’s produce stomach acid, (which is actually hydrochloric acid). This acid breaks down food to allow us to absorb the nutrients. Unfortunately some people have problems managing the acid. They can have a weak seal on the top of the stomach causing acid to rise up into their throat which we generally call reflux or heartburn. The acid can also eat away at the stomach lining, leading to stomach ulcers (which can bleed and cause serious harm).

Different foods stimulate stomach acid production in different quantiies. Coffee is a strong stimulant of stomach acid, and if your friend has a problem with managing acid, they will likely get symptoms when they drink it. The best way to avoid these problems is to avoid stimulating foods and drinks. The worst foods are generally spicy and fatty foods, as well as alcohol and coffee.

There are some medications which reduce acid production which can keep these symptoms in check.