eli5: what exactly goes into buying a car on kijiji autos?


I literally just turned 16 and am therefore an idiot when it comes to insurance and whatever, can someone explain to me how car insurance works? Like, do I have to file that separately? Does it come with the car? What exactly?

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Looking at Kijiji Autos I’m assuming you’re in Canada. Below is how it would work in the U.S. I’d assume it’s similar but no guarantees.

When you buy a car you need to have insurance before taking the car title (proof of ownership). You would buy insurance separate from the car through whatever provider you prefer. At 16 you’d likely be looking at very high rates due to your age. If you can get bundled into your family’s insurance it would save you a good bit of money.

In order to get insurance you’ll need the car’s VIN number, mileage, and your personal information. They’ll then send you an insurance binder (all your insurance details) and temporary cards. You’ll need these cars to register your car.