Eli5: What happens to the cheese favor of Mac and cheese on the second day?


Making the Mac and cheese strictly by the directions on the box, I get a flavorful dish, tangy and cheesy. But when I pull the leftovers out of the fridge the next day and reheat it, there’s very little flavor remaining. Where did it go? I realize that some of the sauce is soaked up by the noodles but shouldn’t the flavor still be there in or on the noodles?

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That’s crazy, they do taste plain as hell!

Life pro tip: Fry the Mac & Cheese in a frying pan with butter in medium heat for 3 minutes, add some extra cheese if you have it, thank me later……

It oxidizes meaning it’s losing electrons. So those electrons being lost change the chemical makeup of the cheese and changes the flavor. It probably tastes more like oxygen the next day :p

When they make the cheese they add a reduction agent that helps create an aroma so now that I’m thinking about it, it should also lose smell and therefor flavor.

Try sealing it better when you save it and it might help.

This is a problem with old, reheated food. It’s why frozen dinners like TV dinners have a lot of salt in them. The flavor diminishes but salt will restore the flavor while not making it taste salty, so you don’t even realize how much eat it has. So just add salt to the day old mac and cheese.