ELi5 What is a “Insurance Scammer” ?


ELi5 What is a “Insurance Scammer” ?

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Someone who says that you are to blame for something that they themselves did/caused so that they can get your insurance to pay them.

An example would be someone who runs up to a stopped car and jumps on it to pretend that they were hit by the car and that now they have an injury that they need money for.

These types of scams were why dash cams became so popular originally in Russia.

When someone fakes or stages an injury or damage that an insurance company would pay to get money

for example someone might fake being hit by a car, and ask insurance for compensation of medical expenses he didn’t have to pay, so he scammed the insurance to get money

In what context?

A scammer could be someone who goes around pretending to be an insurance agent in order to gain access to clients’ banking information and instead of taking premiums, they take all of their money.

It could also mean someone who is committing insurance fraud, which can be done a variety of ways in an attempt to collect money from a company for an illegitimate claim. Someone faking an injury, for example, in order to collect disability payments from AFLAC.