eli5 what is functional muscle and why do combat athletes prefer it to nonfunctional muscle


Boxing coach said no more lifting weights only calisthenics is this good advice?
Can i do weighted pushups

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Calisthenics will get you jacked for sure but it’s just the style of working out that is best suited for that particular sport. You’d never see an offensive linemen getting by on just calisthenics. Different activities require different training

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“Functional” just means strength training using movement patterns that resemble what you experience in real life. Nobody really bench presses in real life. Instead we use one side over the other, handle awkward imbalanced loads, etc.

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The muscle you use for lifting weights is different than the muscle you use for throwing a solid punch, or at least aren’t optimized for maximum punching power. In fact, that extra, suboptimal muscle mass may even be detrimental, since now your arm is a lot heavier and no better (or at least not as better) at throwing punches.

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They are looking for you to use movement patterns that compliment your boxing training. Push ups are a great exercise, provided you use proper form and do not put too much emphasis and load on your shoulder (rotator cuff particularly) You should also really focus on all back exercises to help offset the constant forward movement of punching. Look into external rotation exercises of the shoulder. Not to mention how difficult it is to hold your hands in a defensive position for an extended amount of time. Kettle bell work is great for boxing. You can get aerobic and anaerobic work with them, as well as helping power generation.

I also highly recommend ladder drills for footwork

With it being a weight class regulated sport, you’re probably not looking to add much size at the moment. This type of training can really aid in added strength without adding as much mass.

Boxing is a weird mix of old/new school training advice. Tons of new science mixing with miles of roadwork and being told “no sex before the fight”