Eli5 what is important when choosing a new PC for data analysis


Finding that my MacBook Pro is super slow when processing increasing amounts of data using R and Rstudio. Thinking about buying a PC desktop for a variety of reasons, but don’t know/understand what is actually important for processing data. Thank you!

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High bandwidth between the disk and memory. The faster the disk is, the faster this process will tend to go.

Fast memory refresh speeds. THe faster the better.

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I’m working with R to a very big extent as bioinformatician. My data sets can grow rather large, one that I’m currently working on will take up 93GB of RAM, so if that’s an issue in your data, make sure to supply enough RAM and a solid state disk as SWAP memory. This will also keep ggplot happy if you have to render out pdfs for the paper. Then second, i guess you know that, R is generally not a multithreading language. I said generally! So get a fast clocking processor. Also here i think ggplot will say thank you