Eli5: What is internet of things (IoT)?

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Eli5: What is internet of things (IoT)?

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A lot of internet is for the end user – meaning person. Websites and services and such. Things you can interact with.

Then there’s a lot of internet that’s just file servers and databases and internal networks that are connected to internet somehow and control systems for various networked things, from hydroelectric dams to heat exchangers to automated factory machines to security cameras. Often called deep web (not to be mistaken for dark web).

Internet of things is (was) subset of the latter. Originally, some sort of CNC machine had internet accessibility back to factory that produced it, for servicing purposes and firmware updates or whatever, but nowadays it’s spread a lot and is more interactable for end user as well (apps and such) – so it’s not so “deep” anymore, and even refrigerators and washing machines and light bulbs connect to internet, thus a new phrase was invented for this.

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