[ELI5] What is «kinetic therapy»


So I’ve come across this [british fella](https://instagram.com/kinetictherapies?utm_medium=copy_link) that says he has invented a new 95% success rate therapy.

If you look at these posts, it looks pretty gruesome, with every client having giant red marks on their bodies. At first I thought he literally just scraped their skin away, but upon looking closer it looks like it’s internal.

So; what the hell is he doing?
Is it a real thing?
Thanks guys.

In: Biology

no idea wtf he’s doing in particular

and 100% not real. therapy that works ends up included in medical treatments. stuff like this don’t have any kind of scientific reason why would it work. it doesn’t have any research to test if it works either. please, don’t listen to medical advice from random dudes on Instagram

fellas like this just prey on desperate-ish people, suggesting that instead of long, uncomfortable, expensive and complicated normal therapy that has a chance to not bring results they should do some simple fast treatment that is guaranteed to cure all the problems. ofc they get money from it in one way or another. and ofc it doesn’t work. people might claim it does because of sunk cost fallacy, placebo, or accidentally getting better on their own during this “therapy”

It looks like someone appropriated the idea of gua sha (which is ancient), mixed it with an impact kink, and sold it as a new therapy.