ELI5 , What is Sensory Overload?


ELI5 , Is it common?

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I experience auditory overload.

For me, it’s like normal white noise (people chatting, dinnerware tinkling, a distant highway) just becomes amplified. You feel like it’s nearer and louder until you can’t hear yourself think, and you can’t focus.

It gets to the point where you physically feel a headache, or your eardrums hurt. I personally get nauseous too.

Mentally, you feel closed in and breathless and disoriented. It could be so stressful you could cry or lash out.

Some people have triggers – maybe PTSD (Commonly bombs or gunshots or abuse) and some people have autism where overload is more common.

TL;DR Brain put the world on loud sometimes and it sucks.

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