ELi5 – What is Spinoza’s god?


I’ve tried doing research on it because I’m interested in religion and philosophy but the explanations are kinda difficult to fully wrap my mind around. What exactly is Spinoza’s god and how is it different from a personal or Abrahamic god?

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To my best understanding, Spinoza’s “God” is a philosophical construct that the best representation of God is the physical order the universe demonstrates. That God is all things and is observable only in that the aspects of its nature are equivalent to the qualities of the things it exists as. As such, God has no interest in the personal goings on of individuals in the universe, doesn’t hear our answer prayers.

This is very different from the Abrahamic God concepts, or those of most other modern religions. Those are personal Gods in that they took a particular interest in the creation of the individuals in the world, what they do, and the outcomes of their lives. They may or may not answer prayers.