Eli5: What is that ‘furry teeth’ feeling that comes from sugary drinks?


What’s that all about!?

In: Chemistry

That is plaque that has rapidly built up. The proper name for it is a biofilm meaning a layer of bacteria that are able to feed on the sugar and other nutrients in your mouth allowing them to reproduce and thicken the layer. It also contains various polymers and secretions. These bacteria release acid which begins to decay your teeth. Equally the acid in the drink also dissolves your enamel.

If not brushed away those polymers attach to calcium ions and harden causing tartar/calculus which you usually find in the backs of your lower incisors.

Tl:dr when dentists say fizzy drinks are bad we’re not just spoiling your fun.

However the good news is if you drink them with meals it’s not as big of a problem as there is more saliva which neutralises the acid, still not great though 😁