Eli5: What is the Call Of Duty basketball beep?

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To elaborate further, i see this all over tiktok especially but I’m not fully understanding the context behind it or what it actually means but it’s related to the Call of Duty games apparently (or even something else) for some reason and I can’t really find an exact answer online that explains what I’m looking for.

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There are a lot of black people in the NBA (73% of players are black)

Black people are pejoratively being called basketball americans / basketball people

A lot of people in poverty don’t change their smoke detector batteries. (In fact in some Apartments the landlord is supposed to but often they don’t do it timely if at all)

Smoke detector’s chirp when the battery is low and needs replaced. People get so used to the occasional chirp they don’t even’t register it.

Black people are disproportionately in poverty in the US. I assume it may also extend to children after they are out of poverty perhaps they are unaware of the chirp.

People playing on Call of Duty can hear the chirp and racist jokes are abound in Call of Duty.

Some of this is speculation and not necessarily facts but that sums up where the meme comes from more or less.

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Do you mean the MLG Airhorn?