Eli5: what is the difference between Dodge Challenger, demon, charger, hellcat and srt?

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I’m in love with this car but I’m confused among its names/models

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Challenger is a 2 door muscle car, while the charger is 4 doors

Demon, hellcat, SRT are trims, which means each one is slightly different from the base model

Going from least -> great power wise

SXT (base model) and GT make 303 HP with a 3.6L V6

The RT makes 375HP with a 5.7L V8

The RT scatpack is a step up making 485HP with a 6.4L V8

The SRT Hellcat bumps that up to 717HP with a 6.2L V8, and comes with a supercharger

The SRT Hellcat Redeye bumps that up even further with 797HP, also with a 6.2L

The SRT Super Stock makes slightly more at 807HP, also with the 6.2L

The SRT demon 170 is one of the top models, making 1,025 HP, lastly with the 6.2L, and designed for drag racing but still is street legal

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The challenger and Charger are two different cars. The names are throwbacks to muscle cars from the 60s and 70s.

SRT is Street racing Tuning which just means it’s made to go fast. Mainly marketing.

The hellcat and demon are different “packages” of the car with different performance and QOL upgrades.