eli5: What makes batteries “more advanced”


Just saw a Duracell commercial claiming their batteries are “more advanced”. What characteristics would these “advanced” batteries have that others don’t?

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Batteries are complicated chemical reactors; exactly what chemicals, in what proportions, in what containers, made of what materials all influence how the battery works.

In general, a more advanced battery will have more capacity (more energy), be able to discharge faster (higher power), take more charges before failing (if rechargeable), last longer on the shelf without dying, etc.

When it comes to common alkaline batteries, “more advanced” often translates to “higher ad spend”.

It’s mostly a marketing buzzwork. It’s vague enough that they can’t be sued for false representation as long as it made some small improvement over their last model.

Basically, if it comes from an ad, don’t trust it. Don’t watch ads if you can avoid it, and if you can’t do that then assume wverything is “Technically” but not really true. These companies have entire marketing departments dedicated to spitting out gibberish that’ll get you to believe in their product without saying anything useful.

What makes their alkaline batteries “more advanced”? Well, the advertising department, for one.