eli5 – what’s the purpose of light bar attachments on the top of computer monitors? I’ve heard it’s easier on your eyes, but how?

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I read something about light bar attachments, that they light up your monitor and surrounding area without causing flare on your screen, so instead of concentrating light in one area making it actually harder to see stuff on your monitor like a lamp on your desk would.

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Their purpose is to emit light.

It might help you see what’s on your desk, it won’t help you see what your monitor is displaying.

If you do paperwork in front of your monitor and don’t have enough overhead light, I can see it being useful.

Don’t get one to see your keyboard, if you can’t touch type you should make your keyboard harder to see if anything, and tape a copy of the key layout next to the monitor, so you still build up muscle memory whenever you forget a key.