Eli5: Where does the news get the news from?


May be a stupid question but where does the news get the latest news from? How do they keep their finger on the pulse?

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They work really hard.

Good reporters have sources in law enforcement, government and big companies. People talk, and reporters figure out who to listen to.

Also, a lot of times companies will call the news for a press conference or a story. Law enforcement and the government too.

Smaller players only need to cover local stories, which Reuters, AP and other agencies might syndicate and get fees from. They can pick up stories from the agencies (which they pay a license for) and put together non local stories.

They get it from a wire service. Papers subscribe to one, and they are supplied with a news feed of stories verified by the agency.

Some of these agencies – Associated Press, Reuters to name two – have been around since the 1800’s. News stories went out by telegraph over the wires. As technology improved, so did the methods of distribution.

When reading a story in a newspaper or online, you will often see it start with the name of the agency rather than the name of any particular writer. That’s how you know where it came from.

Usually other news outlets. That’s why after major events you get 9 million articles saying the same thing because they all wrote based off the same initial reporting.

Large news agencies send people to where the news is happening.

Smaller organizations buy a subscription to something like Reuters or AP to get the news from them.

Certain organizations just make it up.