eli5: why are egg shells pure white in the USA?



In the UK (and other countries around the world) they’re usually brown with flecks?

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Different chicken breed different egg color.

All shells are made from Calcium carbonate, the coloring is breed differences.

Different varieties of birds lay different coloured eggs. Our most popular breed in the UK is one that lays brown and the most popular breed in the US is one that lays white.

This quora question explains it in more detail if you are interested:

If you are asking about chicken eggs, the breed/genes of the hen determine the coloring of the egg. Here in Germany they are either solid white or solid brown. No spots like you describe.

They aren’t all! I regularly get brown eggs at any major grocery chain and blue/green shells at farmers markets…

Breeds of chicken. White Leghorns, Rhode Island reds, Araucanas. They all lay eggs of different colors. It’s just that white Leghorns are the usual choice of battery hen in the US and lay white eggs. A cultural assumption about brown eggs being better has resulted in brown egg laying breeds being preferred for “organic” or “free-range” eggs. They’re all the same.

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