Eli5: why are NHL athletes paid so much less than the other leagues?


Eli5: why are NHL athletes paid so much less than the other leagues?

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The players make a share of league revenue, and the NHL makes a lot less revenue than the other 3 big pro leagues. Primarily because it’s less popular in the USA, so the tv rights aren’t as lucrative

The big, real money from sports is selling the TV rights. This accounts for a huge amount of the revenue of any sports league. Ticket sales are important and other things like merchandise, but really its TV rights that start getting wild money.

The NHL unfortunately, isn’t quite as popular as it once was, particularly in the US (Canada is fine), and has not been performing well on TV, even for many local team stations. This simply means there is a lot less money to go around. Less money means less player salaries. The US

Additionally, the NHL players association, the group that is essentially the union for NHL players, isn’t really that strong, compared to other sports, especially the NBA, which means NHL contracts often are not that favorable to players in money and details

In the US we often consider there to be 4 major sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. The NHL isn’t doing so well right now and some people have even taken them off this list, to say, really, we have 3 sports and then the NHL is kinda just hanging on (MLS would be sport 5, but its far behind)

Same reason women athletes are paid less than men. Hockey is the least popular of the four main US team sports. The teams get less money from advertising, TV contracts, merchandising, and even ticket sales — even if the arena is sold out, prices are lower than for basketball games.

NHL athletes are paid less than the other leagues because the NHL brings in less money than the other leagues.

For athletes, It always just boils down to demand. Some sports are more popular than others. It is the exact same reason women’s basketball players make less.