Eli5 Why are weeds so hard to kill while desirable plants so hard to keep alive?


Weeds grow, well, like weeds, out of the cracks of the pavement with nothing but municipal runoff to keep them alive. Meanwhile I have to work tirelessly to keep my tomato and pepper plants happy and fruitful. Why do weeds dominate a garden?

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the weeds you a have are perfect for the conditions they are in, you have to provide the perfect conditions for your plants

The weeds that are easy to kill never started growing in your garden. The plants that you want to grow didn’t start growing there naturally. So you have one set of plants (weeds that are growing) that have selected to grow specifically there, in that soil, in that climate, and another set of plants (plants you want to grow) that wouldn’t be there if you hadn’t specifically gone out of your way to put them where they weren’t already growing.

If you want a garden that’s easy to grow, using the native plants that are already in the immediate area helps.

“Weeds” is just a human word for the plant that is most optimal for the environment situation.

So naturally weeds grow better, as thats how nature works.

There’s no such thing as a weed in nature. A weed is a subjective description invented by humans. Humans naturally like things which are scarce. Jewelry has little utility above other rocks, but we like gems because they’re rare. So a weed simply just means a plant that there is too much of, which results in a tautology of why there are always so many weeds.

Additionally, if you want a plant that does something useful, like have a big flower or fruit, you need to provide it with nutrients. Things we call weeds are generally plants that only need sunlight and water. And there are a lot of them because most soil does not have enough nutrients to bear fruit.

Where a seed lands, if it can grow, it will. The random seeds that blow in on the wind to your garden find an awesome environment, and thrive. If there’s any consolation, the problem means you’re doing it right.