eli5: Why can I look through some solid objects but not others?


For example, as I type this, I can look through my phone and see the trees and leaves behind my phone. But if I try to look through the wall, I can’t no matter how I zoom my eye lens.

What is going on here? Can I only look through objects that have a certain thickness but not others? In other words is the wall too thick to look through and my phone only being about a centimeter thick is thin enough to look through?

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You’re not looking through it, you’re looking around it. Our eyes are constantly processing the 2 points of view into what we perceive as 1 singular image. If you put something closer than your focal length, your eyes are literally just looking at what’s behind it, and it only exists in your peripheral vision.

This is why we can cross our eyes, but doing the opposite is almost impossible.

You’re basically asking why are some object opaque right ?

The next time you ‘look through your phone’, close one of your eyes. Then open it and close the other. That should answer your question.

Your left eye is several inches away from your right eye. If you hold your hand just in front of your left eye, your right eye can still see your left foot. Your left eye sees the hand. Your brain processes this image as “seeing through” the hand, but really it’s trying to mesh together two completely different images and make sense of them – one of your palm and one of the floor with your feet on it.

It’s not so much the “transparent like glass” that it looks like and more like a photoshop filter where you’re seeing both images at the exact same time.