Eli5 Why can’t our bodies or outside medicines repair nerve damage?



I’m a type 1 diabetic that can’t really feel my feet or my legs under my knees. I suppose I can kinda feel them, like I can feel pressure, but I can’t seem to feel if I get a little kitty scratch on my leg.

I do check my feet rather often and such, as a type 1 diabetic should. But this all makes me wonder why we can’t repair the nerves that are damaged with medicines and why our bodies don’t do it themselves, like they repair other parts of our bodies.

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To understand why nerve cells don’t regenerate, you need to understand mitosis first. When a cell is ready to divide (when the chromosomes (DNA) is copied) there is something in the cell called centrioles. These centrioles help pull apart the copied chromosomes in order to be able to have the end product of two daughter cells or 2 of the same cells. However, our nerve cells are not like our other cells. They cant replicate because their DNA cell division is blocked and lack the centrioles to pull apart the copied chromosomes to eventually “regenerate”. So unless we evolve to add the centrioles in our cells or have medicine that can somehow put those things in our nerve cells, they won’t be able to regenerate.

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Your body “repairs” itself by cell division and only a few kind of nerve cells divide. That’s why any damage on any nerve tissue is extremely difficult to repair. However scientists are trying to solve this issue by [stem cell transplant ](https://www.diabetes.co.uk/Diabetes-And-Stem-Cell-Research.html)