eli5 Why can’t they raise the Titanic the same way they raised the Mary Rose?


eli5 Why can’t they raise the Titanic the same way they raised the Mary Rose?

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The Mary Rose sank in 40ft (12m) of water.

The Titanic is **13,000ft (4000m)** underwater.

That alone makes raising the Titanic virtually impossible. Just getting to the wreck is borderline impossible much less working on it.

Beyond that – the Titanic is not in the same shape as the Mary Rose. It has decayed much more and at this point attempting to raise it would simply destroy the wreck.

Depth and size of the ship are major logistical problems, the Mary Rose is tiny compared to the Titanic and was in very shallow water.

Isn’t the Titanic in two pieces?

As a consolation look for the 1980 FILM “Raise the Titanic” based on the Clive Cussler novel of the same name.

The wreck of the titanic has been corroding and withering away for over a hundred years in salt water. It would be so structurally weak that wherever you tried lifting it from, it would just break apart. That and it would cost so much to even try, that I doubt any company would even want to because I doubt the income of a titanic museum would turn a profit from the initial cost of lifting the wreck out of the ocean.

Another interesting side note – who would even own the rights to the wreckage? That could also be another roadblock.

They tried to raise a piece (nicknamed “The Big Piece”), and was such a pain… including having to raise it twice because the cables snapped. [Here’s a video about it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E82IeQPpyMY&pp=ygUNdGhlIGJpZyBwaWVjZQ%3D%3D).