eli5 – Why do buildings collapse on the opposite side of where the column is blown up.


Here’s an [example](https://youtu.be/NnUeipeDCZ8) of what I mean.

In: Physics

Where the smoke rises isn’t necessarily the location where charges went off. Without a closer view of what went wrong with the detonation/timing here it’s hard to say what happened or why the stack fell over sideways. It’s very possible that it did fall in the direction of the charges that went off.

Incomplete demolition can fail to collapse the building and overload the remaining supports elsewhere, and this leads to unexpected failures in unexpected directions when those stressed components finally fail. That failure may be in a few seconds, or they may hold up for a long time.

The smokestack in your video was presumably supposed to pancake straight down.

This is not a column but a pipe. You must realize that the wall of the pipe not only supports the weight above it, but it also pulls the wall down it, for example, the wind blows from that side (or else the wind would topple the pipe over).

From that you can see that the example is an accident: it might have been the wind.