eli5: Why do cold beverages foam less?

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I always thought that solubility increases with temperature. Why do cold beverages foam less then? Shouldn’t they release even more of the soluted CO2?

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Cold beverages foam less than warm ones mainly because of the solubility of CO2, which is the gas that creates the foam. In colder liquids, CO2 is more soluble, meaning it stays dissolved in the liquid better and doesn’t escape as gas as quickly.

When a beverage is warmer, CO2 is less soluble, so it escapes faster and forms more foam. Essentially, the colder the drink, the more CO2 it retains in the liquid state, leading to less foaming when poured or when the container is opened.

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Temperature is just a measure of how much energy is in the system. A carbonated beverage with more energy is going to be more energetic and more likely to release the co2.