ELI5, why do games and movies start when school starts, and summer ends?


I get that most games and movies are aimed for adults and summer wouldn’t really matter, but why not grab both types of consumers? It’s a win-win, kids get more time to play their games, and companies would gain more money, since maybe kids AND adults are willing to pay for the game, so WHY?

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Because during summer people spend their free time doing activities outdoors and in ideal weather. In the fall it gets darker earlier and winter is always dark. During the dark and cooler/cold times, folks are more apt to opt in for indoor activities, ie games movies and shows.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you saying that movies and games are typically released in the fall? Because summer has been known as the “blockbuster season” for at least 50 years. I suspect that games follow the same pattern.

For video games, for multiplayer games their is data to show drop offs in users during the summer because of vacations/camps/jobs so a company will wait until the fall when vacations and camps are over and when people have quit their summer jobs or reduce the number of hours they work. Also historically college dorms were one of the first places people had access to high speed internet and a place where you have extra time on your hands. And back in the era of physical media it would allow games to get big sales numbers the first week/month and then also allow time to restock before the holidays.

For movies since the late 70s the big movies would come out in the beginning of summer/end of the school year but over past few year movies have stat to spread out of the entire year because the studios learned they could make more money by spreading their big box office movies over more weekends.

Mostly tradition, but also because most people don’t want to be inside playing video games in the summer. And since most metrics are based on opening week/launch day sales, they want to pick the day when most people are ready and willing to pay.